Signals for Survival!

Signals for Survival! (web)

“Signals for Survival!” This theme has been mulled over for a long while. Now reaching a point where the 6th book in the Wastwater Chronicles is nearly ready to be magically transformed with ink, and derwent pencils into a comic book.  The theme is “Signals for Survival!”

Years ago I picked up a copy of the book by Niko Tinbergen, Hugh Falkus and illustrated by the wonderful Eric Ennion.  The book cost 39p and it was the best 39p ever spent.  Their award winning book was based on a film of the same name commissioned by the BBC in the 1960s.  Walney was the setting and the authors and illustrator describe the incredible sign language of the ( then)  common seabirds the lesser black backed gull and the herring gull.

I have borrowed their 1960’s book and reimagined, reinterpreted….



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