ELF Comes to the Rescue!

pages 39 and 40.jpg


pages 39 – 40 of Beeches Boreholes and Badgers

25th November 1996

The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) have kindly agreed to provide free help in the form of a solicitors letter to the National Park.  The lettter from Butterworth’s Solicitors is excellent apart from getting a key word wrong – ‘amenity’ so all the way through the letter talks of  ‘immunity’ which must have confused the NP no end!

“Such trees, remaining as they do, are of maximum immunity value and visually extremely important. You will be aware of the nationwide concern at felling of such trees and given the increasing scarcity, arguably the immunity value of those remaining increases.”

Butterworth’s have resent the amended letter.

The Lake District National Park have recieved a Woodland Management and BT Countryside for All Award.  Wonder what  wise old owls suggested that? Not the tawnys and barn owls at Rusland.


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